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Veteran Memorial Sanitary Sewer Force Main

As most residents of Warren County already know we have seen a large growth in our population over the last several years. However, some people may not realize that sanitary sewers in Warren County convey wastewater to the BGMU Water Recovery Facility (WRF). The majority of this population boom has taken place east and south of the Bowling Green City Limits.

BGMU and WCWD must maintain a 20-Year Facilities Plan that is updated every 10 Years to keep the Plan current. The 2007 plan recommended a future project to add a sewer line from the intersection of Pioneer Drive and Dishman Lane to a gravity sewer line nearly 2.5 miles away. We have been able to maximize the capacity in our existing lines to delay this large project as long as possible. However, our 2018 update of the Facilities Plan has shown us that we cannot delay any longer.

With the growth we have seen however, we will now need to construct a line from Pioneer Drive and Dishman Lane all the way to the BGMU WRF at 1189 Preston Avenue. This new line will be a 24” diameter pressurized force main, approximately 30,000 feet in length. This line in conjunction with all of our other large diameter sewer lines should provide capacity for the next 20 Years of projected growth.

Anticipated Schedule

Bidding Process: November and December 2019
Start of Construction: March 2019
End of Construction: December 2019

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