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Energy Programs

TVA EnergyRight Residential Programs

Professional Home Energy Evaluations are offered in-person or virtually. A Home Energy Advisor will evaluate your home, collect information for your custom efficiency report, and make energy-saving recommendations. Call 855-237-2673 or visit for more information.
Customers may also complete a free DIY Home Energy Assessment from the website, Move from room to room answering simple questions about your home’s energy use. After the assessment, you’ll receive a customized report and recommendations for your home. You’ll also receive a free energy-saving kit delivered to your door.
EnergyRight makes it easy to find a trustworthy contractor to complete your home energy upgrades. Hire with confidence when you find a TVA-approved contractor through the Quality Contractor Network (QCN). For additional peace of mind, request a free job inspection. A TVA-certified inspector will visit your home and inspect your contractor’s work. Call 855-237-2673 for more information.

Green Power Switch

Green Power Switch is a simple way to support regional renewable energy.
Each $2.00 block of Green Power Switch you buy is added to your monthly bill and ensures 150 kilowatt-hours of electricity is generated by a renewable resource such as wind, solar, or biomass.
Call 270-782-1200 or visit for more information.