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BGMU’s record-high winter demand was 160.68 MW and was set in January, 2014. The record-high summer demand was set in August, 2007 at 209.44 MW.

BGMU maintains almost 3,400 street light poles, and has 8,790 electric distribution poles installed throughout our service territory.

BGMU serves approximately 30,000 electric customers. Our Electric Division maintains 362 miles of distribution lines; 86 miles are underground, and 276 miles are overhead.

BGMU maintains 2,378 fire hydrants. Water line crews manage 290 miles of water lines and 270 miles of sewer lines.

In BGMU’s service territory, there are four water pressure zones that are regulated by five system water tanks. There are 5,410 manholes, 5,858 system valves, and 59 sewer pump stations throughout our system. The largest water pipe size in our system is 60 inches, and the largest wastewater pipe size is 48 inches.


BGMU’s Water Treatment Plant can treat up to 30 million gallons of water per day, and our Wastewater Treatment Plant can treat up to 12 million gallons of wastewater per day.

BGMU Fiber spans almost 16,000 miles.

BGMU now offers 1 Gigabit services to commercial customers.

BGMU’s Fiber Division supports nearly 1,000 access points throughout the fiber system.