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Interconnection Policy

Renewable Energy Interconnection Policy

If you are considering installing solar panels or other types of renewable generation, it is important that you contact BGMU prior to purchasing and installing your system. BGMU will gladly answer any questions and help to guide you through the proper steps for safe interconnection to BGMU’s Distribution System.

Improper connection and operation of any source of electrical power, such as renewable generation, in parallel with BGMU’s Distribution System may jeopardize the safety of BGMU employees and the public and could degrade reliability and quality of the electric service provided to BGMU’s customers. For this reason, no source of electrical power shall operate in parallel with BGMU’s Distribution System without the prior approval of BGMU.

Customers may obtain BGMU’s approval to interconnect and operate in parallel with its Distribution System by applying for interconnection, following the appropriate interconnection procedures, and signing BGMU’s Interconnection Agreement. A copy of BGMU’s Interconnection Guidelines can be found at the link below.