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Policies & Fees

Trouble Calls

If a BGMU service call is requested during normal business hours and a problem exists within the facilities for which the customer is responsible, a service charge of $30.00 will be assessed on the customer’s next bill. (A service charge of $75.00 applies when a service call occurs outside normal business hours.) If the problem exists within the area of BGMU’s responsibility, the customer will not be charged.

TVA Complaint Resolution Process

If you have an unresolved issue or complaint regarding your electric service account that cannot be resolved by BGMU, TVA may be able to help. Click this link to learn more:

Returned Payment Charges

When a payment is returned to BGMU, a service charge will be applied, and the payment will be reversed from the customer’s account. If a customer has two returned payments within a 12-month period, future payment options will be limited. If trips are made to disconnect service, service fee(s) will apply.

Disconnection for Non-Payment

If payment of the utility bill is not received by BGMU on or before the due date of the bill, a second notice will be mailed to the customer. All services are subject to disconnection if payment is not received on or before the 10th day following the bill’s due date. BGMU will send a representative to the Customer’s premises to disconnect service. A trip charge will apply. If the utility representative cannot determine whether or not discontinuance of service might endanger life or property a notice may be left on the door giving a 24-hour extension for payment.

Meter Tampering

A $100 minimum meter tampering charge will apply for each meter tampering event. In addition, there is a possibility of arrest and/or additional fines for meter tampering.

Disconnecting Service

Customers are required to come to BGMU and complete a disconnection form to terminate service. Please allow one business day to process.

Sanitation Service

Scott Waste Management, LLC is responsible for residential sanitation (garbage) pickup, and questions should be directed to Scott Waste at 270-783-4016. All questions concerning commercial sanitation pickup should be directed to your provider.

Recycling Service

Southern Recycling is responsible for recycling service. All questions concerning this service should be directed to Southern Recycling at 270-781-3265.


Electric rates fluctuate each month based on TVA’s rate schedules and the applicable TVA Fuel Cost Adjustment.