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For security reasons, Customer Service Representatives will no longer be accepting payments over the phone beginning December 1st. Customers calling to make a payment will be transferred to our secure, automated payment system. You'll need your account number to access the system. Another option is to use this website to make your payments.




BGMU Warns Customers of Billing Scam

Bowling Green Municipal Utilities is warning its customers to be aware of a multi-state scam that’s been reported in Tennessee and our local area. The scam targets utility customers and aims to steal identities and utility payments.

Scammers are claiming they can save you big money on your electric bill with a new program created by President Obama, but instead, they are stealing customers’ identities and hard- earned money. Utility customers -- through phone calls, door-to-door visits or online solicitation -- are being asked for personal information such as their Social Security numbers on the pretense there is federal assistance for their utility bills. There is no such funding through the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank, BGMU officials say.

Under the scam, if a customer provides a Social Security number, they are given a bank routing number to pay their utility bill. The routing number is fraudulent, and no payments will be applied to any BGMU bills.

If you ever have any doubts about someone claiming to represent BGMU or about information given to you about a BGMU utility bill payment, hang up and call 270-782-1200 for verification. BGMU accepts payments at our office located at 801 Center Street, over the phone and via online payment at our website, Remember, BGMU does not call to initiate a payment.



Pay Your Bill Using ‘eCheck’

BGMU is excited to announce ‘eCheck’ as an online payment option for all of our customers. Paying your bill online has never been easier. Many of you have commented that you wanted a no cost option of paying your BGMU bill online – and we’re listening. ‘eCheck’ – a draft from your checking account that you initiate when you want – is a free service. No service fees.

Now there are many ways to pay your BGMU bill:

· In person at our office during regular business hours (cash, check or credit card)

· By mail (checks only, please)

· In person at any local branch office of Independence Bank (cash & check only)

· “Check-O-Matic” program allows automatic bank drafts each month from the customer’s checking account

· By phone with cashier assistance, during business hours (credit card only)

· “eCheck” program online (visit for more information)


Levelized Payment -Provides customers with a more level monthly payment because it smoothes-out the heavy consumption/billing months in summer and winter. Payments are based on a rolling average consumption each month; the rolling average is based on the current month and the previous eleven months' actual metered consumption.






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